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    Services 24/7, 365 Days a Year

    Emergency Response Services

  • Solutions

    If your electrical system has been damaged by a disaster, call 1-888-778-2733. Our team of factory-trained technicians will bring you in-depth knowledge of your system and equipment, as well as the ability to solve operating problems in any environment.
  • Value Proposition

    With over 400+ field service representatives, Schneider Electric Services will assess the situation to determine if your equipment can be repair, reconditioned, or replaced. Our services also included project management and turnkey capabilities.
  • Differentiation

    We have the expertise and resources to respond to your needs, regardless of your company’s size or location.
    Our services include:

    Project Management:
    From site assessment and analysis,to working with insurance companies, to replacing or reconditioning equipment, we can oversee all efforts to restore power to your operation.
    Our field service representatives and factory technicians can recondition your existing damaged equipment to reduce downtime and costs to help get your facility back in service quickly.
    If your equipment cannot be reconditioned, we will work with our manufacturing facilities to get new electrical equipment on-site as quickly as possible.
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Schneider Electric Services has the expertise and resources to restore electrical power safety and efficiently for any manufacturer's brand of equipment.


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    Single point of contact 24-hour access to our manufacturing plans
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    Services available for a broad range of electrical equipment, including other manufacturers Replacement parts are provided

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