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Integrated, holistic solutions to support national security

Our Mission
The federal government is making unprecedented investment to modernize and transform U.S. energy infrastructure. Schneider Electric Federal was established to provide resilient, efficient, and sustainable digital energy solutions to help the U.S. government and its supporting industrial base modernize infrastructure and accelerate decarbonization in support of their national security mission.

Microgrids: Gain resilience in public facilities

Explore innovative, best-in-class, microgrid solutions that ensure reliability, resiliency and energy independence.

Case study: Electrical upgrades for no money down

Bordering Washington, D.C., with over 1 million people, Montgomery County, Maryland represents 16% of the state’s economy. Learn how they've achieved carbon neutrality, but seeks more directed efficiency through renewables and microgrids.

Explore microgrids

Increase resilience

Upgrade infrastructure

Enhance sustainability

No upfront cost


Strengthen security and resilience while enabling your digital transformation.

Building Modernization

Transition to a modern and future-ready infrastructure to improve performance and  drive efficiency.

Fleet Electrification and eMobility

Comprehensive, scalable and seamless EV charging solutions that help you meet sustainability targets.

Government contract vehicles

Schneider Electric Federal provides access to our end-to-end solutions, software, and services through a set of easy-to-use contract vehicles. Contact us for a more details and an up-to-date listing.
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Helping you securely reduce building emissions

Modernize your building management system to accelerate the path to net zero
IntenCity, Schneider Electric’s new net-zero energy building of the future in Grenoble, France is a showcase for the company’s commitment to sustainability.
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Government Relations

Solutions for Healthcare

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We're ready to help you achieve your climate targets. Contact the Schneider Electric Federal team today.
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