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    A smart home, an easier place to live in

    Adjusting lighting levels, keeping an eye on electrical consumption, setting the indoor temperature – it's also more comfortable and relaxing directly from your phone.

A smart home makes everyday life easier

Smart technology lets you tailor your home to your needs and preferences. You can adjust lighting or heating with a tap on your phone, tablet, or dedicated home display to make your home more comfortable and get more control over your energy usage.
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Greater comfort and convenience

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Enhanced safety and security

Wherever you go, your smart home is always close to you. Using a remote control app, you can easily check on your home and get alerted if anything goes amiss. Smart technology helps you better protect your property, and saves you time, money, and worry.

Find the perfect technology for your home

Because home means something different to everyone, Schneider Electric has developed one of the most comprehensive smart home portfolios on the market. With our three flexible and scalable connected offers, you will easily find the technology that best fits your lifestyle and upgrade your living space to suit your needs.

Find the solution that fits you best

  • Type of Project

    • Wiser

      Wiser smart home components can be used in almost any building situation, from new builds to renovations. All that’s required is to download the app on your smartphone to connect and control your devices.

    • KNX

      KNX is recommended for new buildings and heavy renovations with a demanding automation system.

    • C-Bus

      The C-Bus system uses a wired connection to its 50+ connected devices. It is recommended for installation in new builds or extensive renovation projects.

  • Connection

    • Wiser

      No need to make any changes to your existing wiring. Wiser uses your current electrical wiring and brings wireless connectivity on top of it with Bluetooth enabled devices.

    • KNX

      KNX uses hard-wiring to connect its individual components and utilizes a unique communication protocol.

    • C-Bus

      C-Bus uses extensive wiring to connect more than 50 connected devices.

  • Functionality

    • Wiser

      Wiser is perfect for just one automated device, or 50. Build your smart home piece by piece as your needs grow.

    • KNX

      KNX is a system designed to be customized and especially tailored depending on the homeowner project and need.

    • C-Bus

      C-Bus is our most robust connected system. It can connect more than 50 devices with its wired connection.

  • Availability

    • Wiser

      Wiser is available throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

    • KNX

      Currently, KNX is available in many European and Asian countries, as well as in the Gulf region.

    • C-Bus

      C-Bus is available in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Asian countries.

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