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IEC/DIN rack-mount meters for utility network monitoring

Energy and power quality meter for utility network monitoring

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    The PowerLogic ION8800 meters are rack-mount meters for utility network monitoring. They are available in three different base models:

    • The ION8800A is an energy/tariff meter with EN50160 compliance monitoring, waveform capture, and transient detection.
    • The ION8800B is an energy/tariff meter with EN50160 compliance monitoring.
    • The ION8800C is a basic energy/tariff meter.


    • DIN 43862 (19-inch rack mount) IEC standard for easy retrofit into existing systems
    • Essailec connector with common measurement and energy pulsing pin-out
    • High-accuracy metering in compliance with IEC 62053-22 Class 0.2S
    • IEC 61000-4-30 Class A power quality measurement method
    • Power quality compliance monitoring of international quality-of-supply standards (IEEE 519, EN50160, IEC 61000-4-7, IEC 61000-4-15, CBEMA/ITIC)
    • Detection and capture of dips and swells
    • Waveform recording at 1024 samples/cycle; 20 µs transient capture
    • Inter-harmonics measurements (ION8800A)
    • 24 setpoints for single/multi-condition alarms and control functions with 1 second response
    • Communication module supports: fibre, Ethernet, modem, RS-232/485, RS-485
    • Protocol support for Modbus RTU slave/master, Modbus TCP slave/master, DNP 3.0, MV-90, DLMS
    • Ethernet and modem gateways to 31 devices on RS-485 port
    • High-speed Ethernet communications (optional) with on-board web server
    • Email for sending data logs and alarm notification
    • Multiple tariffs and time-of-use


    • Reduce operations costs
    • Improve power quality
    • Improve continuity of service


    • Transmission and distribution metering
    • Revenue metering
    • Extensive power quality monitoring and analysis
    • Power quality compliance monitoring
    • Digital fault recording
    • Instrument transformer correction