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I-Line II

IEC Busway

Low Voltage Busway trunking system

I-Line II
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    1. All ratings and PIU fully comply with IEC61439, and obtained the KEMA KEUR/ASTA DIAMOND. Test catagory includes:
    > Electrical performance
    > Resistance to harsh environment
    > Fire resistance
    > Mechanical strength
    2. Sandwich structure busway
    Compact size, totally enclosed housing
    > Universal installation, free of orientation and mounting position
    > No "Chimney" effect
    > Less space required
    >Improved system ventilation
    3. Conductor
    >99.97% purity of copper conductor with full length silver plated >or silver-plated Bimetal cladding on aluminum conductor.
    >Large cross section
    4. I-Line II joint pak
    >VISI-TITE Bolt with double head design, to ensure proper torque is achieved
    >Single bolt connection
    >Belleville washer
    >Double surface contact to busbar
    >Adjustable range ±6mm
    5. Insulation
    >Two layers surrounding each busbar, 4 layers between phases
    >Class B vendor certified polyester film
    >Halogen free


    >Comprehensive and authorized safety is ensured by full certifications
    >Easy and universial installation
    >Low voltage drop due to large cross section and good contact
    >Stable and long operation period
    >Save in the event of fire
    >Easy maintenance


    Residential, commercial, industrial, data center