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Thalassa PLA

Polyester floor-standing enclosures


Thalassa PLA
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    Floor-Standing polyester enclosures & accessories

    All parts are made of fiber glass reinforced polyester, moulded by hot compression, RAL7035 colour. Same finish for all surfaces. Bosses for fixation points are moulded.

    4 versions of enclosures available:

    - Totally closed, IP65.
    - Open bottom and integrated plinth, IP54.
    - With ventilated canopy, IP44.
    - Open bottom with plinth, and ventilated canopi, IP44.


    ·  40 dimensions from 500x500x320mm up to 1500x1250x420mm and also 2000x750x420mm.
    ·  1 door: for 500 and 750mm width enclosures
    ·  2 doors: for 1000 and 1250mm width enclosures
    ·  2 doors: for 2000mm height enclosures

    ·   2 doors enclosures constructed with reinforcement in central part.
    ·   3 types of panels/doors: plain, ribbed and glazed.
    ·   Lock or handle with locks, with 2 or 4 action points out of the protected volume.
    ·   Impact resistance: IK10 for plain and ribbed door version, IK08 for the glazed door.
    ·   Self-extinguish: HB40
    ·   960ºC test withstanding.
    ·   Polyester plinth ZA 200 mm, stackable 2x200mm for PLA enclosures, closed bottom versions
    ·   Polyester plinth ZZ 200 mm and 500 mm for PLA enclosures, open bottom versions


    ·         Bureau Veritas and DEKRA - IEC62208 enclosure standard.
    ·         Bureau Veritas - Marine applications
    ·         UL508A – CAN/CSA-C22.2 (Only for NSYPLA) 
    Enclosures Spare Parts    
    Schneider Electric selected a wide variety of spare parts for your enclosure.  No matter if the enclosure is recently built or has several years, you can have the replacement parts you need.


    Floor-standing polyester enclosure

    ·         No electrical contact risks.
    ·         Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
    ·         Resistant to harsh atmospheres.
    ·         Can be used in a large temperature range.
    ·         Easy to machine and the machining does not produce corrosion.
    ·         Halogen free.
    ·         Light weight gives an easy installation.
    ·         Long life lasting without maintenance.
    ·         Strong against shocks.
    ·         Version with canopy, for outdoor use, maintaining the quality of the seal.
    ·         Version with 65mm integrated plinth and open lower part for easy incoming of cables.
    ·         Large range of dimensions (up to 46 dimensions)
    ·         Choice of doors (plain, ribbed surface, glazed).
    ·         Several possibilities of installation (ground, on plinth, wall).
    ·         Coupling possibilities thanks to modular dimensions.
    ·         Locking system is out the protected volume.
    ·         Abroad number of composition accessories.
    ·         Mounting plates (metal or insulating material) or chassis for universal use or applications (VDI, modular distribution).
    ·         Customised service: colour, machining, mounting accessories, change of locks, enhanced depth.
    ·         Combination of the 4 versions with the 3 types of door and rear door instead of panel.


    ·         Electrical distribution and Control
    ·         Infrastructures and Industry
    ·         Installations in indoor, outdoor and harsh environments
    ·         Public areas thanks to total insulation – safety Automation, measurement, distribution and protection


    • Glazed door & Upper opening for ventilation
    • Horizontal, vertical and depth coupling
    • Polyester floor standing enclosures
    • 200 mm plinth