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What is the Dynamic Brake part number or size for an ATS48 Soft Starter?

Published date: 15 June 2020

Dynamic Brake part number or size for an ATS48 Soft Starter

Product Line:

Dynamic Braking

Soft starters can not perform dynamic braking.
SEt - StY = b is a function called INTELE braking. It is designed to provide a small amount of braking torque for a motor.

When using INTELE braking, the stop time is less than the freewheel stopping time. INTELE braking is a two-part braking process which does not require external components. It produces less motor heat than traditional DC injection braking.  INTELE braking is best used when all of the criteria below are met:

4-pole or 6-pole motors only
motor slip is less than or equal to 3%

t(sec) = ( WK^2 x rpm) / (308 x T(FLT) x .4)
t(sec) = calculated value must be less than or equal to 40
WK^2 = connected motor load inertia (lb-ft^2)
rpm = change in rpm or synchronous speed
T(FLT) = full load torque (lb-ft) 

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