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Will a soft starter (ATS22, ATS48, ATS01) allow me to run my motor and a decreased speed continuously?

Published date: 25 September 2019

Wants a soft starter (ATS22, ATS48, ATS01) to allow me to run my motor at a decreased speed continuously.

Product Line:
ATS48, ATS22, ATS01 soft starters and all legacy models

All models, All serial numbers.

Customers has an installed ATS48 starter but needs to run the motor at a reduced speed continuously.

The ATS22, ATS48, ATS01 soft starters are not capable of operating a motor at a reduced speed continuously, this is not what they are designed to do.   A Soft Starter device is designed to allow a slow ramp of the motor speed from stopped to full speed, and/or from full speed to stop.  The amount of Ramp up and Ramp down time can be adjusted, but the continuous run speed of the motor can not be changed from full speed.

In order to adjust the continuous speed of the motor up or down, you will need to use a Variable Frequency Drive device.  These devices are designed specifically to adjust the continuous running speed of your motor, as needed.  We have a full line of Salivary Variable Frequency Drives to meet this need.  Contact your local Schneider Electric distributor for further information on the Salivary product line.

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