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What is EtHF Fault on ATV630 drive?

Published date: 14 May 2020

ATV630 with EtHF fault code

Product Line:
ATV630, ATV930, ATV660, ATV960


Drive will not run

1. What is the meaning of this error code?
The ETHF is linked to Modbus TCP timeout when the communication with the PLC is stopped or interrupted.  

2. What is the solution?
The prossible causes for this fault are ① FDR detected error, ② IP address duplication detected error, ③ Adjustable time-out for received control word (I/O scanning or messaging), ④ Fieldbus overload, ⑤ EMC Interrupt from other device.
Mostly the fault comes from loss of communication or some data is missing due to communication interrupt. So maybe you check the ground connection of drive, or add magnetic ring to reduce EMC influence.
Also, you can increase the communication loss timeout.

3. Will updating the firmware help?
It may or may not help.

4. Is there a way to increase the timeout setting for Ethernet/Modbus TCP communication on the drive? Can this be done on the keypad?
Yes, there is. ETHF timeout parameter: TTOB
This parameter is accessible via fieldbus using the Modbus address. This is a read/write parameter.
The parameter number is 64415. The default value is 10s.

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