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Can a SoMove configuration file be copied to the ATV600/ATV900 keypad (VW3A1111) and then be loaded to the drive?

Published date: 20 May 2020

Can the ATV600 and ATV900 files be transfered from SoMove to the drive using the keypad?

Product Line:
ATV600 - ATV630, ATV640, ATV660, ATV680
ATV900 - ATV930, ATV940, ATV960, ATV980
Altivar Process

All part numbers

Not able to directly connect SoMove to the drive.

This process requires a USB to mini USB cable (not provided by Schneider Electric.
  1. Locate the mini USB port on the bottom right side of the VW3A1111 keypad and connect plug in the cable.
  2. Connect the cable to an available USB port on the PC.  The PC should recognize the keypad as an external storage device.
  3. Open the file in SoMove.
  4. Goto the File menu and select Import/Export and then choose Export file.
    The file name will have to match the Keypad's format so give it a File name of DriveConfPac#.cfg where the # is replaced by a number.
    Save the file to the keypad's assigned hard drive under the DRVCONF folder.
  5. Once you receive notice on your PC that "The Graphic Display Terminal file is exported successfully." you can disconnect the keypad from the cable and connect it to the drive.
  6. Navigate to Menu 7 [File Management] and then to Menu 7.1 [Transfer config file].
  7. Select Copy to the drive and then select the file name you exported from SoMove.
  8. Press OK to confirm and your file should transfer from the keypad to the drive memory.
  9. Power off the drive, let the display go completely blank.
  10. Turn power back on and verify the programming has changed.


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