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How to troubleshoot an SCF4 (IGBT Short Circuit Fault) on an Altivar Process Drive?

Published date: 18 June 2020

Troubleshooting a SCF4 on an Altivar Process Drive.

Product Line:
Altivar Process Drive (ATV630, ATV930, ATV650, ATV950, ATV660, ATV960, ATV680, ATV980)

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The SCF4 code is an IGBT Short Circuit Fault

During the power up routine all IGBTs are checked for short circuit. Thereby a failure (short circuit or interruption) has been detected for at least one IGBT module. 

  • Perform a Diagnostic Test
    • [Diagnostics] [Diag. data] [Diagnostics]
      • ​[IGBT Diag w motor] IWT
      • [IGBT Diag w/o motor] IWOT
  • If test reads a short on an IGBT, then drive may need to be replaced
  • If test passes (no shorted IGBT),:
    • Check motor connections
    • Reduce switching frequence
    • Run drive with no motor connected and OPL turned off
      • To disable Output Phase Loss:
        • [Complete settings] [Error/Warning handling] [Output phase loss]
Sometimes fault can also occur when line power is connected onto the motor lead terminals. Make sure to connect line power to L1, L2 and L3

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