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Why does my ATV660 not follow the speed reference signal in auto mode?

Published date: 23 September 2019

ATV660 will not follow the speed signal in auto mode.

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Signal isn't reaching the drive, drive isn't seeing the signal, or reference channels are not assigned to the correct input. 

Measure your speed reference signal at the drive's inputs (AI3 to COM for example) to make sure you're actually sending the signal that is expected

Check the Display menu->I/O Map->Digital Inputs Image Check the Display menu->I/O Map->Analog Inputs Image to see what the drive is actually seeing coming into the applicable input

Check programming to make sure the drive is set up for Auto manual control:
Complete Settings 
Command and References menu 
REf 1 channel - set to your Hand speed reference input
Profile - Separate
REf 1 switching - DI3
REf 2 channel - set to your Auto speed reference input

NOTE: These settings are assuming that your HOA switch input (DI3 is what we normally use) is low in Hand and high in Auto. If your switch is high in Hand and low in Auto, reverse Ref 1 Channel and Ref 2 Channel. Check the Display menu->I/O Map->Digital Inputs Image to determine the state of your switching input in each postion. 

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