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How do I increase starting torque on an ATV630 series drive?

Published date: 01 June 2020

Insufficient torque to start motor.

Product Line:
ATV630 series drives.

All models, All serial numbers.

Unexpected behavior, motor stalling.

There are multiple ways to increase the starting torque of the ATV630 series drive.  Out of the box, it is configured for low starting torque loads such as pumps or fans.  Occasionally there will be an application that requires more starting torque.  Initially, before changing any of the below parameters, verify that your motor nameplate information has been entered correctly under the SImply Start menu.  The following parameters can be modified if this is the case:

Motor Control Type:  Main Menu / Complete settings / Motor Parameters :  Find Parameter Motor Control Type.  Changing this to U/F VC Standard will increase starting torque.
IR Compensation :  Main Menu / Complete settings / Motor Parameters / Motor Control : Find parameter IR Compensation:  Increasing this parameter will also boost low end torque.  Make small adjustments to this parameter, no more than 5% at a time.  Increasing this parameter too high can cause erratic motor operation such as rocking back and forth, stalling completely, or running the wrong direction.
Boost:  Main Menu / Complete settings / Motor Parameters / Motor Control : Find boost parameter.  Changing this to static or dynamic can increase torque.  If Static is selected you must also select a speed where boost is applied and a boost percentage.  

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