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PowerLogic PM8000 Series Meter

Introducing the PowerLogic PM8000 series multi-function power meters. Reveal, understand, and act on insightful data gathered from your entire power system. Helping you ensure the reliability and efficiency of your power-critical facility, the PowerLogic PM8000 series meters simplify power quality with maximum versatility.

EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert

Optimize performance, help prevent power failures, and increase efficiency with EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert software. This complete, interoperable, and scalable power management software solution enables you to optimize your power distribution infrastructure, maximize operational efficiency, and improve your bottom line.

The Critical Issue of Power

Power is critical for any facility but sometimes taken for granted. Learn how power management solutions can help you avoid equipment and process issues, maximize reliability, and increase energy efficiency. Learn how to do more with less and improve your bottom line.

The Power of ION: More than a Meter

Turn a meter into more than a meter. Driven by the power of ION technology, a PowerLogic meter transforms into a smarter, programmable solution that easily adapts everywhere across your business or operation. Learn how the ION building blocks can help you create solutions for any power system.

Power Quality Performance Module

Power quality issues can cause downtime, equipment malfunctions and costly utility bills. Learn how the Power Quality Performance Module can help you detect, identify and diagnose power quality issues to avoid financial losses.

Got Dirty Power? Clean it Up!

Dirty power is stealing from you. AccuSine™ PCS+/PFV+ active harmonic filters can clean up your power to maximize uptime and efficiency, improve equipment lifespan, and lower operating expenses. Reduce voltage fluctuations and minimize downtime with this simple and effective solution.

Energy Management with Meters

See how Dan the Man helps improve energy management at a commercial building. The facility manager of a high rise building with multiple tenants learns how to monitor energy use and start a tenant metering and billing system. Accurate, flexible, and smart, PowerLogic energy meters help to save money and improve operations.

Disturbance Direction Detection

Discover how the PowerLogic metering feature disturbance direction detection (DDD) can determine if a voltage disturbance occurred upstream or downstream of the meter, including utility side or facility side, to help pinpoint the source of the power quality problem and minimize downtime.

ION7650 Power Quality Meter: Transient Detection

Though often overlooked, transients are a serious power quality issue in critical power facilities. Learn more about transients and how the ION7650 meter is an important tool for detecting them.

Power Quality & The Amusement Park

See how Dan the Man fixes flickering lights, and cash register glitches at his favorite Amusement Park. One call to Square D by Schneider Electric allows him to choose the right product to regulate voltage and reduce current inrush, making it a great day for everyone!

Powerlink Intelligent Panelboards

With Powerlink intelligent panelboards a huge sports stadium is able to automate lights, televisions and more improving their energy efficiency and gaining convenient, remote control.

Deloitte & Schneider Electric Create a Sustainable Building

Using a range of Schneider Electric offers, including our StruxureWare Power Monitoring Expert solution, The Edge in Amsterdam, head office of Deloitte Netherlands, has succeeded in setting a new global benchmark for energy efficient commercial office environments.

A Framework for Implementing Continuous, Iterative Power Quality Management

Power quality problems are one of the major causes of unscheduled downtime and equipment malfunction and damage. This white paper presents a power quality management framework–based on continuous and iterative monitoring, analysis and corrective actions– that improves power quality performance. The framework will result in reduced unexpected downtime, extended equipment lifetime, and improved operating conditions.
A Framework for Implementing Continuous, Iterative Power Quality Management opens in new window

Learn How to Find Hidden Utility Bill Penalty Charges

Download this sample utility bill and discover how to find hidden charges on your bill. See how much you could save yearly with a power quality solution.
Learn How to Find Hidden Utility Bill Penalty Charges opens in new window

Symptoms of Power Quality Issues and Solutions for Correction Interactive E-guide

Learn to identify the signs your facility may have a power quality issue with this interactive e-Guide. complete with case studies and videos. Discover the damaging effects of poor power quality and what type of corrective solution is right for you.
Symptoms of Power Quality Issues and Solutions for Correction Interactive E-guide opens in new window

Test Your PQ IQ

Know the types of power quality issues you can have? Or the cost of power quality problems? Learn the facts in this infographic.
Test Your PQ IQ opens in new window

Discover the Top 8 Benefits of a PowerLogic Power Monitoring System

From energy management capabilities, to improved power reliability, the list of benefits of a power monitoring system is long. Learn how much you could start saving today!
Discover the Top 8 Benefits of a PowerLogic Power Monitoring System opens in new window

Customer Success Story: New York Hospital Avoids Critical Downtime and Equipment Issues

A large regional hospital needed to protect its mission-critical, sensitive medical equipment from destructive voltage fluctuations and power quality issues.
Customer Success Story: New York Hospital Avoids Critical Downtime and Equipment Issues opens in new window

Customer Success Story: Large Food Processing Company

Food processing company improves efficiency and reliability while reducing on-site loading with a power quality solution.
Customer Success Story: Large Food Processing Company opens in new window

Customer Success Story: Newspaper Publisher Avoids Financial Losses with a Power Quality Solution

With time-sensitive deadlines, a newspaper couldn’t afford to miss production from power quality issues. Learn how they avoided this with SagFighter active voltage conditioners.
Customer Success Story: Newspaper Publisher Avoids Financial Losses with a Power Quality Solution opens in new window

Customer Success Story: Large Chemical Manufacturer

Learn how a chemical manufacturing plant was able to understand why and how their plant was experiencing costly power quality issues by installing PowerLogic meters and Power Monitoring Expert software. Download the customer story here.
Customer Success Story: Large Chemical Manufacturer opens in new window

Customer Success Story: Mercedes Benz

Learn how a Mercedes Benz automotive plant was able to improve electrical reliability, uptime, and efficiency with a PowerLogic power management system.
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