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Fupact INF / ISFL / ISFT

Switch disconnector fuses and fuse switch disconnectors from 32 A to 800 A


Electrical Distribution Fuse Devices
  • Tính năng

    • Voltage ratings up to 690 Vac and 750 Vdc
    • 3- and 4-pole versions
    • Test position
    • Mechanical indication of a blown fuse
    • Positive contact indication
    • Fuse monitor device for increased efficiency and intelligent control
    • Fuse compartment with IP20 protection by insulating covers as standard
    • Access to the fuses is blocked when the switch is in “ON” position
    • Reverse power supply
    • Compliance with IEC 947-1, -3, -5, EN 60947-1, -3, -5, IEC 60269-1 to -4, EN 60269-1 to -4, BS 88-1 to -4, DIN 43620, NFEN 60269-1 to -4 and NFC 63220 standards

    For Fupact INF range:

    • Current ratings from 32 to 800 A
    • 7 frame sizes
    • Upstream-downstream double breaking
    • Compatible with NFC, BS and DIN fuses

    Fupact ISFT / ISFL ranges:

    • Current ratings from 160 to 630 A
    • 4 frame sizes for ISFT
    • 2 frame sizes for ISFL
    • Several installation types: mounting plate, DIN rail (ISFT) or on busbar
    • Connection system by cable or direct on busbar
    • Compatible with DIN fuses

    Lợi ích

    'Designed for safety, Fupact is a complete offer covering all fuse device applications in electrical distribution and motor control.
    Fupact is fully certified, and fully compatible with Schneider’s functional and universal electrical enclosures, providing complete electrical protection and distribution solutions.

    Các ứng dụng

    Protection and control of LV electrical installations:

    • Power distribution
    • Motor protection
    • Public distribution (power utilities)


    • Fupact INF
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