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Transient free automatic capacitor bank

Ngừng bán

Transient free automatic capacitor bank

  • Tính năng

    • To reply to a need of Power Factor Correction without network pollution due to the switching of capacitors steps (Transient Free Applications)

    • To reply to a need of fast Power Factor Correction

    • Power factor correction equipment with a power rating from 100 to 600 kvar, manufactured in a free standing cubicle including capacitors, contactors, power factor controller, detuned reactors

    Technical data
    • Tuning order:4,3 (215Hz)- 3,8 (190Hz)- 2,7 (135Hz)
    • Rated voltage:400V 50 Hz
    • Communication Modbus (option)
    • Fast power factor controller (option)
    • Standards:IEC 60439-1, EN 60439-1

    Lợi ích

    • immediate response time to all power factor fluctuation with fast regulation option
    Peace of mind:
    • unlimited number of operations
    • elimination of transient phenomena

    Các ứng dụng

    • make savings on power:power factor correction and especially for the correction of strong and rapid load variations on sites with lift, crane, welding machine, travelling crane ...)

    • power quality supplied:
      - attenuates hamonics on sites that use power electronics and rectifier equipment
      - eliminates transients which guarantee improved continuity of service

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