CET850 IEC 61850 configuration tool V3.6.1

CET850 is the IEC 61850 Edition 1 & 2 configurator associated with the Sepam/Easergy P3 and P5 /ION7x50/ION8650/MTZ devices. The CET850 software enables protection and integration engineers to design automated substations containing Schneider Electric Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED) compliant with the IEC 61850 Standard. CET850 provides a set of functions to create, edit, and display IEC 61850 configuration files based on the Substation Configuration Language (SCL) in conformance with IEC 61850 part 6. CET850 deals with the following SCL files:- ICD files: IED Capabilities Description- IID files: Instantiated IED Description- CID files: Configured IED Description- SCD files: Substation Configuration Description. CET850 is delivered with a library of ICD files that provides the IEC 61850 description of the Schneider Electric Sepam, ION7x50,ION8650 and G3200 range IEDs. CET850 can be used to:- Create an IEC 61850 configuration or modifying an existing one by adding Sepam IEDs using their ICD file.- Edit an SCL file (ICD, IID, CID or SCD) to modify its contents: > Display the device and system configuration > Add or remove IEDs > Set or modify the communication parameter values > Optimize the configuration by creating or modifying Datasets, Report Control Blocks, and Goose Control Blocks.- Generate the CID file for storing the configuration of one IED, which can then be downloaded to the devices via FTP protocol, or SFT2841 Sepam commissioning tool for SEPAMs only.- Generate an IID file for storing the configuration of an IED which can then be used by other IEC 61850 configuration tools.- Generate an SCD file for storing the configuration of an IEC 61850 system which can then be used by other IEC 61850 configuration tools.CET850 enables the optimization of data transferred within the system by:- Creating or adapt DataSets to gather relevant data- Creating or adapt Report Control Blocks to define the transmission conditions- Setting Deadband values for sending measurements reports- Creating or adapt Goose Control Blocks to define the peer-to-peer data exchange based on the producer/consumer communication model. The configuration of peer-to-peer communication between Sepam devices (Goose messaging) is available to implement specific distributed protection and control functions like inter-locking, inter-tripping, logic discrimination, ... CET850 is delivered with library ICD files for all devices range IEDs. ICD files from other manufacturers may be used, and IID, SCD, and CID files coming from other IEC 61850 configuration tools may be edited with CET850. Nevertheless, some specific editing features are restricted to Schneider Electric IEDs.

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