ION7650 V370 Template

ION Setup is the recommended software tool (freeware downloadable utility) for updating your meter to this template. Note that these template files are supported by firmware version V370 or higher. Since V370 firmware was never publicly released, V371 Firmware will be the appropriate compatilble firmware. For speicific instructions on the firmware upgrade process, see the "Upgrading ION Device Firmware" technical note. Important Note:* You will find 4 template files attached. Be sure to use the correct one for your application: (1) Standard template without IEC61850 support:7x50_v370_FAC_V3. (2) Standard template with IEC61850 support:7x50_v370_FAC-61850_V3. (3) Standard + PQ without IEC61850 support:7x50_v370_FAC-PQ_V3. (4) Standard + PQ with IEC 61850 support:7x50_v370_FAC-PQ-61850_V3.

This document is current but may reference obsolete products.







Device_Template_Files(.dcf)_for_7650_V370_FAC_V3. (.zip) 298.4 kb

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