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Impact Company model

Global, social, and environmental changes are accelerating and becoming more complex to adapt to, which requires companies to rethink who they are and what they do. Impact requires impact companies.

Impact Company model

Global social and environmental changes are accelerating, becoming more complex to adapt to. Requiring companies to re-think who they are and what they do.​ Sustainability is their passport to operate, thrive and create positive change, today and tomorrow.​

Impact requires impact companies. Impact companies operate based on 2 overarching principles:

1. Do good to do well and do well to do good: Business and financial performance enable environmental and social impact. Sustainability is a source of performance and growth​. 

2. Bring everyone along: Positive impact can only happen if you're not a lonely leader, if you foster a movement of global goals and local efforts to leave no one behind​.

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Acceleration pathways post COP28

Above and beyond COP28
A few women working on a machine

Gender strategy in the energy transition: Empowering women through education and entrepreneurship

Only 24% of the energy sector's workforce are women. It's time for change.

The Impact Imperative: Driving business success with sustainability

Business leaders who have embedded sustainability as a core part of their business share advice on practical ways to use ESG as a driver for change.

A C-Level Pulse Check – Corporate Sustainability

A 2022 C-level Pulse Check with insights from over 500 industry leaders on their sustainability strategies and challenges.

The energy access imperative

It's time to rethink investments in conventional energy infrastructure and target cleaner and more secure energy systems.

Why COP27 matters

Read our latest research, articles, and reports on the action required to tackle climate change and speed up a fair transition to net-zero.

Balancing priorities

More effort and speed is needed on sustainability. Companies and their solutions are key for economic, social and environmental progress.
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Is your business transforming for climate change?

A survey reveals how top companies are combatting climate change in their approach to sustainable transformation. Businesses must act more quickly as cybersecurity and environmental concerns rise.

Bridging digital and environmental goals: A framework for business action

With the pandemic exposing looming climate risks

Back to 2050 executive summary

Executive summary