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Welcome to the Schneider Electric corporate Website

A speak-up mindset


When using Trust Line, you can stay anonymous, except where local regulations require identification. You can communicate with the compliance team or our investigators through a messaging platform while keeping your identity protected.

Confidentiality and data privacy

Your identity and information will be kept confidential, and your data will be handled with the utmost privacy and security. We take your rights seriously and we are committed to safeguarding your information throughout the process.

Care and protection against retaliation

Schneider Electric is committed to protecting you from any form of retaliation. Rest assured that specific measures will be taken to ensure your protection (distancing, psychological support, etc…).

Impartiality and presumption of innocence

The investigation process will be conducted with impartiality and fairness. Everyone involved will be presumed innocent until proven otherwise. Your concerns will be thoroughly and objectively reviewed, ensuring a just and transparent procedure.