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The Connected Room Solution

Create the room of the future with a connectivity hub that improves building efficiency and delivers a personalized occupant experience.

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Built on the SmartX IP Controller- RP-C, a modular BACnet/IP Controller, the Connected Room Solution offers a flexible architecture and delivers engaging environments with personalized comfort and increased operational and energy efficiency. Easily integrate with IoT devices, a requirement in today’s connected world, while future-proofing your investment with an infrastructure that will grow with you and adapt to a building tenants changing needs.

The Connected Room Solution
  • Features

    Today, buildings are becoming more connected through the Internet of Things (IoT) and digitization. Buildings are expected to be hyper-efficient, and building owners require a future-proof infrastructure with the flexibility to respond to changing needs. The Connected Room Solution provides the tools and technology to create engaging environments with personalized comfort and increased operational and energy efficiency, which are essential in today’s connected world.

    The SmartX IP Controller – Room Purpose Controller (RP-C), the foundation of the Connected Room Solution, is a freely programmable BACnet/IP-based controller for HVAC room applications to create smart buildings. This modular controller also features an extensible architecture for future light and blind control. Deploy as a standalone solution or integrate with EcoStruxure Building Operation 3.0.1 or any building management system (BMS), and get convenient ladder-free commissioning with the eCommission SmartX Controller Mobile App.


    Superior control

    • Monitors and controls room climate
    • Utilizes fast and reliable IP co­mmunication
    • Integrates easily with EcoStruxure Building Operation 3.0.1 or any third-party building management system (BMS)
    • Secure & scalable
    • Resides on a secure and resilient IP architecture
    • Offers multiple standard applications to speed configuration & commissioning

    Create smarter workplaces

    • Offers room-level HVAC and basic light and blind control out of the box
    • Allows for expanded room control with SmartX Living Space Sensors


    • Optimize floor plans by re-zoning easily with EcoStruxure Building Operation
    • Easily add valuable IoT-based services like automated fault detection and diagnostics, and space analytics
    • Deploy additional services such as navigation and comfort control to address occupant needs


    The RP-C for HVAC controllers are designed for fan coil units, roof top units, heat pumps, chilled beam and other terminal unit applications. These scalable and secure BACnet/IP-based room controllers enable connected room solutions. With an open IoT hub, they meet customers’ future needs, including light and blind control and easy re-zoning.

    The Connected Room Solution is complemented with these offers:

    • EcoStruxure Building Engage Occupant Apps - Engage Comfort App
    • SmartX eCommission Controller Mobile App
    • SmartX Living Space Sensors – Optimum Housing and Light & Blinds capabilities (coming in Fall 2019) 

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