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    MPS Consulting Services

    The three goals standing behind MPS - modernization, performance, and safety, are at the heart of what we deliver for your electrical system. Our consulting services portfolio offers the right level of asset health analysis for your site and recommends preventive actions.

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Save billions in losses from electrical disruptions with MPS Consulting

Your electrical system is the lifeline of your business, so ensuring it runs efficiently is imperative. Our MPS Consulting portfolio is designed to help you prevent unplanned downtime events and safety issues by understanding the lifecycle and operating conditions of your critical assets to employ effective maintenance and management practices.  Three levels of MPS Consulting ensure the right fit for your operational need.

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  • Make your electrical installations safer and more reliable

    Whether you’re a facility or plant manager, an operations leader or a safety executive, our three levels of electrical assessment services adapt to your needs and help you achieve your electrical safety goals.

Why choose MPS Consulting Services?

  • Maximize Safety

    Potential safety risks and regulatory issues will be identified and documented during the onsite intervention with recommendations on required corrective action.
  • Improve Performance

    Get expert advice on how to improve performance and availability of your overall electrical system.
  • Mitigate Failures

    Identify infrastructure weaknesses and prevent unplanned shutdowns, thanks to advanced diagnostic tools and software.
  • Identify Obsolescence

    Obsolete equipment is not just a risk to your electrical infrastructure, but also personnel safety. Get a preliminary assessment of obsolete equipment and its modernization solutions.
  • Prioritize Investments

    Our experts help you map critical assets and associated financial risks to better inform CapEx decisions.

Download a sample preliminary report

See a sample report made available to understand the depth of analysis and the recommendations provided.
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Customer Success Stories

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    Hilton Hotels leverage Schneider Electric’s MPS service plans Read how Hilton Hotels get site-wide electrical installation assessments and develop risk management programs using MPS Consulting Services. Read Hilton Hotels’ success story
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    Develop a healthier power system for your hospital Power problems in a hospital can have serious consequences on human lives. Here’s how hospitals can develop a safe and reliable power system with MPS Consulting Services. Learn more about our services

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