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    EcoStruxure for Convenience Stores

    Our IoT-based architecture helps convenience stores leverage digitization to protect revenue from inventory loss and downtime while building customer loyalty with fast and convenient service, data protection and an engaging shopping environment.

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Multi-site Remote Operations

Ensure that critical convenience store systems are always up and running with reliable and efficient tools to maximize uptime, ensure comfort, and address refrigeration control, maintenance issues and equipment failure. You can now provide your maintenance teams with a single solution that allows them manage store operations remotely while significantly improving operational efficiency and business continuity.

Supervisor and worker using digital tablet in factory


EcoStruxure™ Facility Expert helps convenience stores manage facilities more efficiently through IoT-based software that delivers best-in-class HVAC, energy and refrigeration control in individual facilities or across your entire portfolio of buildings.

Real-time collaborative technology and automated alarms and alerts connect you instantly to building systems and equipment, making operations more reliable, efficient and cost-effective.


> Save 10% on operations costs, improve business continuity by 8% and reduce energy costs by 5%, on average.
> Create relevant, role-based user dashboards designed for team members—from store manager to VP operations.
> Monitor real-time asset conditions 24/7 and identify issues remotely from any smart device.
> Streamline maintenance workflows, troubleshoot faster and reduce downtime.

> Improve comfort with the right temperature, humidity, and airflow in stores.
> Monitor food temperature to ensure product quality and comply with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) regulations.
> Simplify tracking assets for long-term maintenance schedules and task reminders.
> Optimize energy budgets for your entire site portfolio.

Building Management

Customer experience is at least as important as product quality. An optimal retail environment with perfect lighting, air quality, and ambiance significantly improves customer loyalty and your brand image. To achieve it, you need to ensure operational efficiency through the integration of systems including refrigeration control, energy, HVAC, lighting, fire safety, as well as people counting and other third-party systems.

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Solution & Benefits

EcoStruxure™ Building from Schneider Electric is The Open Innovation Platform of Buildings – a collaborative Internet of Things (IoT) solution that features a scalable, secure and global architecture to make buildings of all types smart. EcoStruxure Building securely connects hardware, software and services over an Ethernet IP backbone to help you:

> Maximize building efficiency
> Optimize comfort and productivity
> Increase building value
> Realize up to 30% increase in operational and energy efficiency

Refrigeration Control & Management

Convenience store refrigeration control is critical for keeping food retail up and running 24/7. In addition to affecting inventory preservation and quality, refrigeration impacts 50% of total energy consumption in convenience stores. You need to comply with directives on sustainable refrigerants and f-gas regulations, reduce OpEx and protect your brand by continuously monitoring all your cooling equipment.

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Eliwell™ by Schneider Electric offers a range of controllers that guarantee optimal preservation of fresh and frozen foods while providing the highest levels of energy efficiency. Eliwell’s supervisory system offers further efficiency improvement with intelligent algorithms and convenient tools that make managing maintenance easy.

> Compressor rack control
> Refrigerated cabinets control
> Cold room control
> Temperature monitoring
> Refrigerant leakage detection


The integration of advanced refrigeration controls with an open management and monitoring system delivers a convenience store refrigeration management solution with full visibility on control efficiency, food quality and optimized maintenance.

> Achieve advanced refrigeration and energy efficiency and minimize food loss.
> Increase component service life with scheduled and predictive maintenance.
> Comply with food safety regulations, including HACCP, with automated temperature reporting
> Reduce impacts of failure with 24/7 remote troubleshooting and predictive control.

Power Management

To take full advantage of digitization, decarbonization, and decentralized generation, convenience stores need smarter tools that manage power reliability and optimize production and consumption. They need to meet sustainability goals and comply with new standards and regulations. To accomplish all this, convenience stores need a power infrastructure that ensures easy implementation of electrical components and systems while protecting people and property from cyberattacks.

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EcoStruxure™ Power delivers digitization with smart devices that help new and legacy facilities go above and beyond the mandates of energy initiatives to improve power reliability and optimize maintenance.

The latest communication technologies allow smart devices to connect together to give you the full promise of IoT and SaaS (software as a service). It is now possible to digitize power distribution devices to gain greater insight into your facilities, allowing on-site staff to focus on enhancing service and improving the customer experience.


> Optimize for efficiency and savings and decrease risk of downtime
> Enable interconnectivity to access real-time power conditions and electrical loads status
> Share information across the enterprise, including actionable insights

> Calculate greenhouse gas emissions and total carbon footprint automatically
> Meter power use, power quality, and other utilities such as water, gas, or district heating
> Adapt and expand intelligence as your business grows

IT Infrastructure

Success for a convenience store retailer is often based on the quality and uniqueness of the customer experience. To enhance it, many retailers are adopting new technologies like mobile payments, digital kiosks, and self check-out. There are also mandatory technology requirements to address PCI compliance and protect credit card data. All these technologies must be manageable, secure, and simple for convenience stores to deploy.

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Solution & Benefits

Our EcoStruxure™ Data Center Solutions ensure certainty in design, deployment, and management in the backroom, the warehouse, and the storefront via:
> Increased resiliency and security with pre-configured, standardized, or fully customized physical infrastructure solutions that support any retail environment
> Improved data protection with a physically secure space through video supervision and room and rack access controls

> Simplified lifecycle management through EcoStruxure IT, a vendor-neutral cloud-based management platform providing remote visibility and data-driven insights for proactive monitoring of IT assets
> Reduced complexity of design and deployment with rules-based design tools and an integrated ecosystem composed of IT technology alliances, a global network of channel partners, and service engineers.

Energy & Resource Management

Convenience store retailers are challenged to not only track the usage of resources such as energy and water, but to also manage that usage efficiently. Measuring and analyzing resource consumption can help convenience stores reduce risk, capture savings (or avoid costs), improve efficiency and operate more sustainably.

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Solution & Benefits

Our single, cloud-based platform allows convenience stores to aggregate reliable information across an enterprise, including electricity, water, gas and steam usage, waste production, carbon emissions, facility performance and efficiency projects. EcoStruxure™ Resource Advisor provides a single source of truth to help align stakeholders behind key energy activities, including:

> Managing carbon emissions and inventory
> Accessing projects, reports and summaries without compromising security protocols
> Collecting procurement, usage and sustainability information from multiple sources
> Forecasting energy costs accurately with site-level and enterprise-wide energy budgets

Finally, what else can you do with your data? Outsourcing critical energy-related initiatives to a trusted energy partner can help you extract all the value from your energy data and enable you to:

> Achieve savings through strategic energy sourcing and improved efficiency
> Anticipate market threats and opportunities with expert risk management
> Invest in clean, renewable energy options
> Set sustainability goals and accurately measure ROI
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