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Dividend policy (since February 2015)

In line with the objective of strong EPS growth, a progressive dividend policy is set with no year-on-year decline of dividend, showing the Group’s confidence on its future growth prospects. The dividend payout ratio will remain c.50% of Net income. The base of calculation will exclude one offs such as capital gains or losses or asset impairments.

Dividend per share (euros) - Fiscal year

Dividend payment

Fiscal year 2019

Dividend ex-date Tuesday May 5, 2020
Date of approval of the positions Wednesday May 6, 2020
Dividend payment date Thursday May 7, 2020

Dividend payment

Fiscal year 2018

Dividend ex-date Tuesday April 30, 2019
Date of approval of the positions Thursday May 2, 2019
Dividend payment date Friday May 3, 2019

Dividend payment

Fiscal year 2017

Dividend ex-date Wednesday May 2, 2018
Date of approval of the positions Thursday May 3, 2018
Dividend payment date Friday May 4, 2018

Dividend payment

Fiscal year 2016

Dividend ex-date Monday May 8, 2017
Date of approval of the positions Tuesday May 9, 2017
Dividend payment date Wednesday May 10, 2017

Dividend payment

Fiscal year 2015

Dividend ex-date Thursday May 5, 2016
Date of approval of the positions Friday May 6, 2016
Dividend payment date Monday May 9, 2016
The 2018 fiscal year dividend of 2.35 Euros per share has been approved by shareholders on April 25 2019. The dividend is up +7% compared to previous year and represents a pay-out ratio of more than 50% of adjusted net income. 

For French tax residents 

The distribution of EUR2.35 per share constitutes distributed income subject to a social security tax of 17.2% charged on the gross amount when paid. The gross amount of French-source dividends received by resident individuals will also be subject to a mandatory non-definitive levy at source of 12.8%, but exemption from this levy. In 2020, dividends will in principle be subject to a flat tax (“Prélèvement Forfaitaire Unique” – “PFU”) at the rate of 12.8% unless option for dividends to be subject to income tax at ordinary progressive rates. In such case, after applying a 40% (uncapped) allowance, only 60% of the dividends will be included in the taxable income, less any deductible charges and expenses. The above-mentioned levy at source of 12.8% will be imputed on the income tax that will be due in 2020 for income earned in 2019. 

Tax treatment of dividends paid to non-residents 

Dividends distributed out of the profits of the company to non-resident beneficiaries are subject to withholding taxes (income taxes) as follows:
- 12.8% for individuals, 
- 30% for legal persons. 

Such rates may however be overridden by international provisions, notably the double-tax avoidance agreements that may exist between France and the country whose tax laws apply to the beneficiary.

The beneficiary is invited to check with his tax advisor (i) whether such double-tax avoidance agreement exists, (ii) the terms of such agreement and, (iii) if the rate provided in the said agreement is lower than the 30% withheld by default, the procedure to obtain a refund of the excess amount withheld and/or a tax-credit.

Shareholders are invited to contact their usual advisors for further information about the applicable tax regime.

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