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Schneider Electric Revolutionizes Switchboard and Breaker Market with Groundbreaking Innovations in Electrical Distribution

  • Schneider Electric is shaping the future of the electrical room with redesigned switchboards and breakers, now natively digitally connected.
  • New PrismaSeT Active switchboards feature built-in wireless connectivity for enhanced simplicity, power availability, and fire prevention.
  • New generation of ComPacT molded-case circuit breakers enhance the customer experience with a game-changing user interface.
  • New PowerLogic HeatTag sensor leverages breakthrough technology to make switchboards safer from electrical fire

In its quest to strengthen global efforts of designing a more resilient, sustainable electric world, Schneider Electric, the World’s Most Sustainable Corporation in 2021 as ranked by Corporate Knights and the leader of the digital transformation of energy management and automation, announced the launch of new state-of-the-art connected switchboards, breakers, and sensors for its EcoStruxure™ Power architecture. Scheduled for release in early 2021, the PrismaSeT Active low-voltage switchboards, the new generation of ComPacT™ molded-case circuit breakers, and PowerLogic™ HeatTag sensor are poised to revolutionize electrical distribution.

With these innovative offers, Schneider Electric paves the way for the 100% connected building, where efficiency is maximized, and facility staff can foresee power loss or electrical fire risks. Using new communication architectures, these solutions give facility management a way to more easily "talk to" their building’s electrical system. This is an industry breakthrough, as for the first time users can unlock the powerful benefits of digital connectivity without any interference on their IT systems.

As digitalization becomes increasingly important in every aspect of business, Schneider Electric is rethinking the way electrical rooms are shaped. By offering customers new and simple architectures for switchboards, breakers, and software, Schneider Electric is bringing intelligence to the electrical room and delivering customers increased safety, power availability, and sustainability through actionable insights. The goal is to empower customers to make intelligent decisions based on connected data, and give them modularity in their installation, where design and technological upgrades are simple to deploy, to ensure the continuous improvement of their buildings.

PrismaSeT Active switchboard

The new PrismaSeT Active low-voltage switchboard is the first on the market to include built-in cloud connectivity, providing instant access to smart alarming, energy usage analysis, trends, and preventative maintenance plans. This native connectivity, built into the roof of the unit, allows users to consistently stay on top of their electrical distribution and be notified in case of voltage loss. This maximizes efficiency and power availability, while creating the basis for future innovations. In addition, the PrismaSeT Active switchboard is designed to allow easy wireless integration of up to 15 sensors.

“Our goal is to ensure our customers and partners are well-positioned as the world of power distribution evolves,” said Andrea Donadel, Senior Vice President in Charge of Strategy for Schneider Electric’s Power Products business. “That means providing them with connected solutions in this ever more digitized and electric world. It means simplifying and maximizing the level of safety and power availability that we can provide for electrical distribution systems that are increasingly complex.”

New generation of ComPacT breakers

Schneider Electric unveiled a new generation of its trusted ComPacT molded-case circuit breakers, featuring a refreshed design and tailored for operational excellence and major simplification of maintenance activities.

The ComPacT range is now connectivity-ready, and modular plug-and-play accessories expand the capacity for advanced monitoring capabilities. This design breakthrough comes in a unit that is the same shape and size as its predecessor — making it easy to retrofit breakers already in use and giving customers the option of expanding the capabilities for ComPacT transgenerationally to unleash digital intelligence. An additional improvement to the design is the introduction of a semi-transparent front faceplate. This innovation makes it easy to see at a glance that all components and auxiliaries are correctly installed.

Connectivity also revolutionizes and enhances installing, maintaining, or upgrading the all-new ComPacT range. New wireless auxiliaries give users improved insight into their electric distribution system to maximize power availability. By putting data in the hands of users anywhere, anytime, for increased monitoring and decision making, this advancement redefines how we work in the IoT age.

PowerLogic HeatTag

The PowerLogic HeatTag sensor is a revolutionary new product designed to provide fire prevention for switchboards. Its proactive heating detection technology drastically reduces the risk of fire.

Through an artificial intelligence algorithm, this wireless sensor continuously analyzes the air inside the panel in real time to detect any cable overheating. When an anomaly is detected, long before a fire starts or smoke even appears, a notification is instantaneously received by the facility manager, on their smartphone or Building Management System.

A simple, but very effective way to drastically improve the safety of buildings and facilities that takes full advantage of being connected to the Schneider Electric cloud.

Adoption of Wiztopic's Blockchain Certification Platform

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