ION7650 V410 Firmware

This firmware release supports EN50160:2010 (Edition 4) and IEC 61000 4-30 Edition 3. EN50160 is a European standard that defines the voltage characteristics of the electricity supplied by public distribution systems. The latest firmware version for this meter now supports the EN50160:2010 (Edition 4) standard. The IEC 61000-4-30 (4-30) standard defines methods for measurement and interpretation of power quality parameters in 50/60 Hz AC power supply systems. The standard describes measurement methods for relevant parameters to obtain reliable, repeatable and comparable results using any compliant meter. V400 adds compatibility for the -05 hardware revision option. This can be found as the last two digits of a meters serial number. V400 will NOT be compatible with previous versions of hardware ( -04 or earlier). Likewise, previous firmware revisions (pre V400) will not be compatible with the -05 hardware. SHA256 checksum: D8263D179A3481649000FBB5B9DC01E861C0E9D09F5C930727FAC90C18A1D499

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7650V410 (.zip) 1.6 mb

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