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How can an ATS48 be wired for 3-wire control?

Published date: 24 September 2018

How can an ATS48 be wired for 3-wire control?

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Wants to wire in a momentary stop and start push button

Wire a normally closed stop pushbutton between the +24 and STOP terminals.
Wire a normally open start pushbutton between the +24 and RUN terminals.
If this soft starter is part of an enclosed package or MCC, then other considerations apply due to included control wiring.
3-wire control
Run and stop are controlled by 2 different logic inputs.
A stop is obtained on opening (state 0) the STOP input.
The pulse on the RUN input is stored until the stop input opens.
On power-up or a manual fault reset or after a stop command, the motor can only be powered once the RUN
input has been opened (state 0) followed by a new pulse (state 1)

Also check with the customer in some cases they will wire the NC stop and NO Start in series with a relay coil and use a contact on the relay to latch the NO start to seal in the circuit.
they would then run the +24vdc through one of the no dry contact on the seal relay to close +24vdc and run-stop on the soft starter.  If they use this type external 3 wire control then they will need to wire the soft starter as 2 wire control by jumpering run stop together and switching 24vdc to run stop. 

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