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What is NST on the ATV61?

Published date: 16 August 2019

 NST on the ATV61.

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NSt = Drive state for freewheel stop.
Trouble shooting tips:
1. Check menu 1.7 application function , stop configuration, freewheel stop assignment.  If it is set to a logic input , then that input must be ON before  the drive can run.
2. Pushing the STOP key on the HMI will trigger NST if your run command is coming from the terminal inputs.  Cycle the run command to clear it.
3. If a run command is present when power is applied to the drive and tCt (2 wire type) is not set to LEL (level), NST will be triggered.
4. If the drive is being controlled over a communication network, must give the drive a run command through coms, or will show a nst.
This also applies to the ATV71.


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