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How can the ATS22 be set up for automatic restart?

Published date: 30 July 2019

How can the ATS22 be set up for automatic restart?

Product Line:
ATS22 Soft Start

All models and serial numbers


There is not a specific parameter to program for an auto restart feature.  However, this function can be accomplished per the following:
Confirm LI3 = 4 (rSt), remote reset. This is factory default.
Set r1 = StPd, stopped.  The relay is energized at stop.
Wire the r1 relay between the control power source (+24V or 110V, depending on model) and terminal LI3.
When a fault occurs, r1 will close, energizing LI3 which will reset the soft start.  If the run command is still present, the ATS22 will attempt to start.  

Faults that cannot be reset by logic input are InF, trAP and SCF. These faults require cycling power to the ATS22 to clear. 
It is recommended that parameter Snb, number of starts, be enabled to prevent repeated start attempts when a fault condition persists.

Note:  This automatic restart setup would not work with Shunt trip isolation.  As the main breaker would be tripped in the event of any fault condition which would need a new run command to be issued. 

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