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Program example: M340 Unity with LXM32A via CANOPEN

Published date: 15 October 2018

Goals and Symptoms

Program example:
M340 Unity with LxM32A via CANOPEN


Hardware description:
M340 2030 V2, LxM32A with Node-ID2, Baudrate 125KB, Unity 4.0

Brief description of the application:
Program example with one drive. Control with the integrated visulization.

Currently it is not possible to activate several PDO which contain the same objects. E.g. it´s not
possible to activate PDO2 (Control word + Set position) and PDO3 (Control word + Set speed)
at the same time.


(Removed File URL: 199533_C652/ Image URL: /PubResEXPORT.nsf/2b87ee90be777fc085257c28006ee4ef/0e5b8d1fbbd71985c125760900109cba/fl_block_5/0.630?OpenElement&FieldElemFormat=gif)

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