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How do I synchronize my Twido Real Time Clock TWDXCRPTC using Twidosoft?

Published date: 04 September 2018

To synchronize your Real Time Clock option adapter of the Twido controller you will first have to open your application program,

Under Controller there is an option for Operate Controller, select it.
Once there, you will get a Controllers Operations screen.
Now click on the Configure RTC, you will get a Controllers Operation -- RTC Configuration screen.
On your Twido Controller locate the TWDXCPRTC Calendar Option Cartridge and record the corrections factor number (this number will be between 1 and 127).
In the Controllers Operation -- RTC Configuration screen enter the recorded RTC correction factor number and then OK.
This completes the Twido RTC synchronization.

Note: As of Dec. 31st 2015 the Twido line has been obsoleted and replaced with the TM221 product line and has free software SoMachine Basic and can import you TwidoSoft program into the M221. For more information contact your local distributor or technical support.

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