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How to install DLF-3000 Download Utility

Published date: 24 January 2018

User wants to install the latest version of DLF-3000 utility

Product Line
DLF-3000 Utility 

Installing DLF Utility 

The latest version of DLF-3000 Utility can be installed from link provided below: 

DLF-3000 Download

After downloading DLF-3000 v3_3, do the following to install DLF-3000:

  1. Uninstall earlier versions of DLF.
    1. On your Windows task bar, click Start > Control Panel.
    2. Click Uninstall a program or Programs and Features. Select the DLF program and remove it.
  2. Unzip DLF3000 (.zip) file into an empty directory
  3. It will create a folder called "DLF3000", Go into this folder and locate the file named "DLF-3000 v3_3 v2.exe". Double click this file to begin the software installation.
  4. The software will prompt you to Select a location. Complete the selection and Allow the software to completely install. You must reboot the computer after installation.
  5. After the install, a new directory will be created in the location you selected. Navigate to this folder and click the "DLF3000.HLP" file for instructions on how to download devices (If you cannot open the .HLP see FA233600).

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