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How to use IONTEST to retrieve log records from ION and PowerLogic meters?

Published date: 28 January 2019

Point of failures need to be eliminated when troubleshooting historical data issues, such as missing logs.
IONTest will display the actual data being returned to the Log Server from the device.
This makes it possible to determine whether it is the Log Server or the device that is behaving incorrectly.

Product Line
CM3000/4000 family
PM800/700/600 family

ION Enterprise
Struxureware Power Monitoring (SPM)
Power Monitoring Expert (PME)

In order to retrieve data records from a device, you will need to know the handle of the Log output register of the Data (or Waveform or Event) recorder of interest.
You can get this information from the ION Handles document located. 

NOTE: The ION Handles document is no longer being updated to list handles of newer firmware. To find the exact handle needed, use ION Setup to display the handle number before starting IONTest.

Stop the ION Loginserter Service

Open a DOS command prompt and navigate to the …<install path>…\system\bin directory and type IONTEST

You will need to specify the node name to use. The node name needs to be typed exactly as it is entered in the Management Console.
The group name cannot begin with numbers. If you enter in a node with a group name starting with a number you will get an error like the following '1: Invalid method'.

To verify that the device is communicating type:
0x2 2 void

The screen should display:

  • #Sent at: Fri Nov 17 08:46:40.891 2000
    #Recv at: Fri Nov 17 08:46:41.48 2000
    "Feature Manager"

Determine the current position count for the recorder of interest type:
<handle in hex of recorder> 40 void

The screen should display something like:

#Sent at: Fri Nov 17 08:52:35.218 2000
#Recv at: Fri Nov 17 08:52:35.265 2000

This tells you that the current position count of the recorder is 2776. There won’t be any record at position 2776 (the next record will take this number), so there will be <Log Depth>
valid records with the most recent record at position count 2775.

It is possible to retrieve 15 Event records, 15 Data records or a single Waveform record with each request. So, to retrieve the most recent record (it will have position count 2775 in this example) type:
0xf80 21 RangeType{2775u 2775u}
The screen should display:

#Sent at: Fri Nov 17 08:59:40.61 2000
#Recv at: Fri Nov 17 08:59:40.124 2000

The record contains the position count (2775), the timestamp in UTC (974479500) and the data. In this example there are four linked inputs whose values are all zero. Requesting a record that does not exist, say 2776 or greater, will generate a Not Available exception:

"Not Available"

Start the ION Loginserter Service when finished.

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