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Create 'Help on Type' for a custom DFB in Unity Pro?

Published date: 01 November 2018

Goals and Symptoms
To create a customized Online Help that will be displayed when the user right clicks on a custom DFB and hits the "Help onType' button.
Facts and Changes
It is possible to link an HTML file for each DFB included in the Custom Library in Unity Pro v2.1 and later.
The HTLM file must have the same name as the associated DFB.
For example, if the DFB is named Test_DFB, the HTML file will be Test_DFB.htm.
This file must reside in the custom family folder.
You can create an .HTM file using any HTML editor. For example, Microsoft Word allows you to save in an HTML format.

The path for the Custom DFB is set in Unity Pro <Tools> <Options> <Paths> <Custom Library Path>.

1/  Create the DFB in Unity Pro and 'Put in Library'.  Put it in the Custom Library.

2/  Create a 'Help on Type' file using Word.  You can save it as a DFBname.htm.
3/  The 'Help on Type' file must have the same name as the DFB.

4/  Placing the .htm file.  (NOTE:  file extension is .htm, not .html.

          a)   If the custom library path in the Tools - Options - Custom Library path is:
                     C:\ProgramData\Schneider Electric\Unity Pro\CustomLibset\V12.0,  
                                place the .htm file in the following folder:
                     C:\ProgramData\Schneider Electric\Unity Pro\CustomLibset\v12.0\CustomLib\MyCustomFam\ENG

Go to the Logic Editor section and right click on an instance of the Custom DFB and choose 'Help on Type'. The contents of the .HTM file should be displayed.


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