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Values of the system word %SW125 for the M340 controller.

Published date: 29 November 2018

%SW125 contains Stop codes, what to the different numbers mean?

Product line
Unity Pro, M340

%SW125 M340
          • Blocking errors, caused by the application program, do not cause system errors but prohibit execution of the program. When such an error occurs, the PLC stops immediately. (all tasks are stopped on the current instruction). The ERR LED flashes.
Restarting of the Application after a Blocking Error
          • To resolve this issue it is necessary to INIT the PLC or to set the %S0 bit to 1.
            The application is then in an initial state:
            - The data resumes its initial value.
            - Tasks are stopped at end of cycle.
            - The input image is refreshed.
            - Outputs are controlled in fallback position.
            The RUN command then allows the application to be restarted.
Blocking Error Diagnosis
          • Indication of a blocking error is signaled by the ERR and RUN LEDs flashing on the processor front panel. The nature of the error is indicated by the system word %SW125.

            The following table presents the errors signaled by the values of the system word %SW125.


            Hexadecimal Value of %SW125 Corresponding Error
            23 Execution of a CALL function towards an undefined subroutine
            0 Execution of an unknown function
            2258 Execution of the HALT instruction
            9690 Failure of the application CRC check (checksum)
            DEB0 Watchdog overrun
            2259 Execution flow different to the reference flow
            DE87 Calculation error on numbers with decimal points
            DEF0 Division by 0
            DEF1 Character string transfer error
            DEF2 Capacity exceeded
            DEF3 Index overrun
            DEF7 SFC execution error
            DEFE SFC steps undefined
            81F4 SFC node incorrect
            82F4 SFC code inaccessible
            83F4 SFC work space inaccessible
            84F4 Too many initial SFC steps
            85F4 Too many active SFC steps
            86F4 SFC sequence code incorrect
            87F4 SFC code description incorrect
            88F4 SFC reference table incorrect
            89F4 SFC internal index calculation error
            8AF4 SFC step status not available
            8BF4 SFC memory too small after a change due to a download
            8CF4 Transition/action section inaccessible
            8DF4 SFC work space too small
            8EF4 Version of the SFC code older than the interpreter
            8FF4 Version of the SFC code more recent than the interpreter
            90F4 Poor description of a SFC object: NULL pointer
            91F4 Illegal action identifier
            92F4 Poor definition of the time for an action identifier
            93F4 Macro step cannot be found in the list of active steps for deactivation
            94F4 Overflow in the action table
            95F4 Overflow in the step activation/deactivation table

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