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What communication options (network protocols) are supported by the ATV312?

Published date: 01 November 2018

 What are the communication protocol that are available on the ATV312?

Product line:  
Altivar 312

All range  All serial number   

 Ethernet TCP/IP

The communication protocol card that are available on the ATV312 are:
Modbus – Standard on the ATV312
CanOpen – Standard on the ATV312                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Profibus – Option VW3A31207
CanOpen Daisy Chain - – Option VW3A31208
DeviceNet – Option VW3A31209
Early versions of the ATV312 documentation stated that Ethernet TCP/IP communication cards would become available as an option. This was incorrect. Neither Ethernet TCP/IP or Ethernet IP is currently available for this drive as an option card from Schneider Electric

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