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How is the Estimated motor torque value calculated on the ATV212?

Published date: 13 March 2019

With the analog signal FnSL set at 7, estimated motor torque, how can you tell what the scaling of the analog output is?

Product Line:
ATV212, Altivar 212, S-Flex

All models

Customer needs to know what the scaling factors are.

The base torque value is calculated from the drive HP size and setting of parameter F417 (Rated motor Speed or RPM). 
The calculation is Motor HP * 5250 / RPM. 

For example, a 10HP drive with 1750RPM.  10*5250/1750 = 20lb-ft or torque. 
This means that 100% of the estimated torque is 20 lb-ft.
Since the scaling of the analog outut wen set to torque is 0-250% of the rated motor torque, the analog output will be scaled 0 to 50 lb-ft.

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