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How can I set up skip frequencies on an ATV212?

Published date: 25 April 2019

How can I skip frequencies on an ATV212?

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All serial numbers for ATV212

Drive should not run at certain frequencies

Set F270 as your midpoint and then set F271 as the bandwidth from the midpoint.
Example: You want to skip from 30Hz to 41Hz
F270 is your midpoint - 36Hz
F271 is his bandwidth (before and after your midpoint) - 5Hz

Minimum adjustment setting is 0.1Hz
If you just need to skip a 2Hz range, use .5 values for the midpoint and bandwidth.
Example: You want to skip 51-52Hz
Set the midpoint to 51.5
Set the bandwidth to 0.5Hz 

If multiple skip frequency ranges are needed, then Skip Frequency 2 and 3 can be used. But Skip Frequency 1 must be used first, then 2, and then 3 in order. 

Do not set the skip frequency bands so that they overlap.
While the drive will not operate within these skip frequency bands during steady state operation, skip frequency bands are ignored by the drive during motor acceleration and deceleration.

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