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What does dCB mean on the ATV31, ATV312, ATV32, or ATV320 drives?

Published date: 20 May 2019

Why does my drive display dCB when stopping?

Product Line:
ATV31, ATV312, ATV32, or ATV320


Why does the drive show dCB on the display?

dCb indicates DC Injection Braking is active in the drive.
This is a mode of stopping the load where the drive will inject DC voltage/current into one phase of the motor (after the output frequency has dropped to a low value; typically below 5 Hz) and is used to kill any momentum left in the load and bring it to a stop.  It does not provide holding torque at 0 speed.
There are 3 methods DC Injection can be set up in the drive.
  1. Auto DC Injection under FUN menu, AdC submenu, AdC parameter set to YES (default)
  2. The Stop Type can be set to DC Injection under the FUN- menu; StC- submenu Stt parameter could be set to dCI so it would do DCB on every stop
  3. A logic input can be configured to command a stop using DC Injection if that input gets turned off.  FUN- menu, StC- submenu, dCI set to one of the logic inputs. When that input is off, the drive will be in DC Injection.
 All 3 use the the SET menu parameters IdC and tdC to set the current and time DC Injection is applied to the motor.

Consult the specific drive programming manual for details.

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