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Why might an ATV212 drive always run at the low speed setting and not follow the analog input signal?

Published date: 31 July 2019

ATV212 drive is stuck running at low speed and will not follow the analog input signal.

Product Line:
Altivar ATV212


Drive is not following the remote analog signal coming in on VIA or VIB

The low speed setting is parameter LL.

Verify that the VFD is setup to look for the analog input:
DIP switch SW100 position VIA at U (voltage) or I (current), VIB at U (voltage)
Frequency mode select, FMOd:
1 = VIA input
2 = VIB input

Verify the analog input signal by measuring the mA or Vdc on VIA / VIB.  Also check polarity, (+) on VIA / VIB and (- ) on CC.

Logic input R has factory default assignment as preset speed, F112 = 6, Sr1 = 15Hz.  If R is active, the VFD will run at 15Hz or LL (low limit) only. Check / correct the R input status and assignment.  Note that in an S-Flex product, R is a run permissive input, F112 = 1.  If a replacement ATV212 is installed or the VFD was reset to factory defaults, reprogram the VFD per the S-Flex manual.

Verify that the PID parameter, F360, is set correctly:
0 = no PID control
1 = PID per VIA feedback
2 = PID per VIB feedback

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