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Changing Scale Factors on a PM800 Series Meter

Published date: 27 March 2019

Customer wants to adjust the scale factors used for voltmeter, ammeter, or wattmeter values of a PM800 series meter.

Product Line
PM800 series

Scale or Resolution Change

Scale factors are automatically assigned based on the CT and PT ratio input in registers 3209-3216 of the meter. 

The scale factors can be adjusted through register writes to the meter  using the command interface in the PM800 series meter or using a software.
To get to the register read/write command interface on a PM800 series meter, go to MAINT > DIAG > REG. 

1. Write a value of 9020 to register 8000 to enter the setup mode.
2. Write the desired scale factor value to the appropriate register. Repeating this step for each subsequent scale factor change can 
change multiple scale factors.

3. Write the value 1 to register 8001 to save the changes made in Step 2.
4. Write the value 9021 to register 8000 to exit the setup mode. The PM800 series will reset and scales will be changed. 

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