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What is the purpose of enabling data dictionary in Vijeo Designer V6.2?

Published date: 31 October 2019

In Vijeo Designer, Data Dictionary is the process of auto-updating any %UV (unlocated) variable that has been setup in Vijeo's Buildtime and running on the Runtime.

It reduces the need to relink or update the STU/XVM file within the Vijeo BT when building the Unity Pro application.  Any object in RT with a %UV variable will be updated automatically if changes are made to the PLC.

Unlike =S= OPC server there is no feature to browse the variable list. If a new variable is added to the PLC that is unlocated and want to use that in a part on the HMI, you'll need to update the link in the BT. Then add the part to the project and redownload to the target. After that, any update to the variables address will be covered by Data Dictionary.

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