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ION 7650/7550 Display Screen Data Log Trend's Log view Displays Information not Associated with Linked Data Recorder

Published date: 23 November 2018

When a user selects the Log View for a "Data Log Trend" display, the information displayed does not match the Data recorder.
The date of information will be between March and August of 2000. The measurements are Vll ab, Ia, PF, kW regardless of what is linked in the data recorder

ION 7650
ION 7550

Viewing historical data from the meter display
The meter volts mode is set to Demo mode

Change the meter's volts mode to something other than Demo and the display will behave as expected.

1) Press the "Prog" button once
2) Use the up and down arrows to highlight Basic Setup and press the "Prog" button
3) Use the up and down arrows to highlight PT/CT Setup and press the "Prog" button
4) Press the softkey under "Mode", select the desired volts mode and press the "Prog" button. If the Meter is not connected to a system, select 4W-Wye
5) Enter front panel password
6) Press the "ESC" button until returned to front panel options.


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