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ATV212 drives THDI level is below 35%, Is there a solution available to reduce THDI from 5% to 10%?

Published date: 28 November 2018

The ATV212 drive is engineered with C-Less technology, in which the harmonic is reduced much(30% to 35% approx..) in comparison with other standard drives without using any of filters like line choke, DC choke or passive filter.

There is no other standard solution available with ATV212 drive for further reduction of harmonics other than active harmonic filter. There is no combination of Line choke, DC choke or passive harmonic filter are available with ATV212 drive. But by measuring the total harmonic in the network, you may use active harmonic filter to reduce the harmonic in PCC system level as shown below. 

After studying the harmonic level in the AC Mains supply feeder at PCC Level (point of common coupling-Transformer Primary or secondary), the most appropriate solution for this requirement will be adding “Active harmonic filters”. Active harmonic filter will be connected in parallel to the load and supply as shown below.


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