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Is it mandatory to use line and output contactor with ATV61/ATV71 VFD? Can we give the supply to VFD directly from circuit breaker without using line contactor?

Published date: 28 November 2018

The line contactor and output contactor as shown in catalog is necessary only if you wants to comply type 1 or type 2 coordination. It is not mandatory to provide line contactor and output contactor, if type 1 and type 2 coordination is not mandatory to customer. In such case you can make the power wiring as sample wiring shown below.

It is mandatory to use the MCCB or ACB part reference given in the catalog for VFD input isolation and protection of VFD input supply. The breaker should trip and protect the VFD during input supply related problem.
If any of output (motor, cable etc...) related problem, the VFD will trip to protect the motor and the fault message will be displayed in the VFD graphic display. It is not necessary to trip the input supply during drive trip, hence the line contactor is not mandatory.

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