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ATV71 gives error message of " IMPOSSIBLE TRANSFER, THE CONFIGURATION IS NOT COMPATIBLE", how to solve the problem?

Published date: 28 November 2018

This error message is possible in both ATV61 and ATV71 series drive.

1. This error "configuration not compatible" message will be displayed when transferring(store to device) the file to drive with wrong hardware configuration through somove software. If you try to transfer the file through somove, you should ensure the drive rating selected is same and optional cards selected are same reference as actual installed in drive.

If the hardware configuration is corrected as per actual drive and options cards installed, the transfer of program file will happen successfully as shown below.

2. The same error will happen during the program file transfer through HMI (Graphic Display), if the hardware configuration is not matching. It is also can happen if the parameter list mismatch due to difference in firmware version. If you face the problem during transfer through HMI, it is recommended to transfer the list of parameters one by one instead of selecting all. It means, you should select the Drive Menu separately, Motor parameters separately and so on...


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