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What can cause a short circuit fault on an ATS22?

Published date: 07 May 2019

What can cause an SCF (Short Circuit Fault) on an ATS22?
Product Line:
ATS22 Soft Start
All models and serial numbers.
There are a number of reasons for a short circuit fault detected on an ATS22 Soft Start:
 1.  Megger the motor and motor cables. The motor may have a short circuit in any or all windings phase to phase or phase to ground. The motor wires could be shorted to ground.
 3.  SCR's may be shorted, or the internal shorting contactor may be stuck closed. Measure resistance across each phase of the Softstart (L1 to T1, L2 to T2, L3 to T3). Check for, at minimum, 50K Ohms resistance on each phase. 

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