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Where are the S-Flex factory settings listed?

Published date: 19 July 2019

Where are the S-Flex factory settings listed?

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The factory settings for the S-Flex Adjustable Speed Enclosed drive (Class 8839) can be found in Table 18 of the instruction bulletin 30072-451-83 (see below).

Also, the factory settings of the S-flex are stored in a reserved memory location within the drive by the factory during production.  To return the S-flex drive to the default programming, press MODE until AUF is displayed, then scroll down to parameter TYP.  Press ENTER, then up until 8 is displayed on the right hand side of the screen.  Press Enter to reboot the drive and return to the factory default programming for the S-flex system.

IF you are installing a new ATV212 drive in an existing S-Flex enclosure, the parameters will NOT be stored in the drive so you must follow the programming changes listed below.

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