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My brand new HMIG5U's touch screen is not working

Published date: 09 January 2019

Issue: Upon powering up the HMIG5U/HMIG5U2, the touchscreen is not responding. Only a mouse is able to control the HMI.

Product Line: HMIG5U/HMIG5U2

Resolution: The HMIG5U is a Windows 7 Embedded unit that can be attached to 6 different sizes of screens. There could be the possibility that the touch function fails to work.

There are two options to recover. 

1. Use the recovery CD that came in the BOX with the HMIG5U/HMIG5U2.  Keep in mind you will need a CFast card reader/writer that works with Type 1 CFast cards. 


2. Do the following. 
a. Attach a USB Mouse to the screen 
b. Start the "Vijeo Designer Runtime Manager" (ICON can be found on Windows Desk top), select "Unlock", let it reboot. 
c. Go to the Computer Device Manager, and select "Update Driver" on the touch screen driver.  Now the touch screen should work.
d. Start the "Vijeo Designer Runtime Manager" and select "Lock", let it reboot. 
e. Test the touch screen again just to make sure it still works. 


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