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How do we control the Security InActivity timeout with a variable in Vijeo Designer?

Published date: 01 March 2019

How do we control the Security InActivity timeout with a variable in Vijeo Designer?

Product Line:
Vijeo Designer (all versions)

Often times, the built-in time settings for the InActivity timeout for the Vijeo Designer Security feature are insufficient. Sometimes we would like a smaller amount of time to elapse instead, rather than the 1 minute minimum that is offered. In order to have a customizable Auto Logout Threshold, we can make use of some basic tools in Vijeo Designer. Please follow the procedure below to build this function yourself. 

01) Create a Project named AutoLogoutForSecurity
02) Create a Security Group
03) Create a User
04) Set Target Security to "Use Security"
05) Drag a Login Part on to the Screen
06) Create an INT Variable named "Timer"
07) Create an INT Variable  named "AutoLogoutThreshold". Set its initial value to 10 for 10 seconds
08) Draw Numeric Displays for both Variables with labels
09) Create an action with "Trigger Type" set to "Event" and "Trigger Event" set to "When Touch Panel"
10) Set the action's operation to reset "Timer" to 0
11) Create an action with Trigger Type set to "Periodic" and "Frequency" set to 1 second.
12) Set the action's operation to Decision.
13) Set the Condition to (Timer < AutoLogoutThreshold)
14) If the conditon is True, increment "Timer". If the conditon is False, Run the Script "Sys.logout();" and reset "Timer" to 0

This will result in a project that has the ability to change the InActivity timeout to any value from 0 to 63563 seconds. 

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